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Player Information
Player name: Vouloir
Contact: AIM@vm0d3sk PLURK@acrylicemulator
Are you over 18: Y
Characters in The Box Already: NA

Character Information
Character Name: General of Cavalreapers, Lysunder the Summoner
Canon: MSPA|Homestuck
Canon Point: After he has already gotten to the highest rank of cavalreapers and at about the climax of the lowblood rebellion.
History: Summoner has a very large lack of information, and history is part of that. Figuring out the chain of events that led him to where he is now isn't too difficult.

Born to a lusus as any troll is, raised with the same amount of hope anyone of the orange blood caste could have, he didn't have a very good childhood. It was mostly spent trying to stay safe and clinging to his lusus which proved for the most part useless. Though due to his ability to commune, Summoner would get a lot further a lot easier than other trolls and was rather cocky because of it. Having an ability like that built confidence in him enough to pursue his dream to be a cavalreaper. I imagine at some point in his early teen years/sweeps, was when he first heard about The Signless and his followers. It was a passing story, and from that point was obsessed with them. This is very much like Tavros being obsessed with the story of Pupa Pan (a troll version of Peter Pan), who was actually a reference to Summoner. Summoner himself became obsessed with these lowblood trolls he heard stories of. Perhaps he believed them to be story book characters for a time, because all information about them was destroyed and he had to hear it by word of mouth. But eventually the morals and lessons in the stories he heard about The Signless is what started to get the ball rolling with his rebellion.

Much time was spent in the ranks of cavalreapers, but due to his desire to lead and become something, he rose quickly and high in the ranks, soon hitting General around the same time his wings started to come in. It was then that talk of a rebellion became more than a rebellion. After he got named General, he stripped himself of any government ties but kept the title as a kind of fuck you to those that gave it to him (highbloods), and started on the long path of rebellion. His wings, commune, overflowing amount of charisma and tactical knowledge did well to properly organize a rebellion that would really have an affect on the world.

It's from this point, the height in the beginning of his rebellion that I am taking him from. Since there is very limited given on his history, any more history I would write here would be diving deeper into my own headcanon. Should you wish me to do that, it won't be a problem, but I avoided it here in the case that you wanted more of a canon pure-less complicated explanation of his history, or what I believe it to be.

For any other information, see here.
Personality: Like a majority of the ancestors, The Summoner/Lysunder has not had very much said about him. Infact, he is one of the Ancestors we have heard the least about, period. Though what we do know suggests many things about his personality as well as the fact that he is the paradox clone of Tavros Nitram, another character in the Homestuck canon.
It is said that the Ancestors, while being genetic matches to one of the 12 main Alternian trolls in the Homestuck canon, they are also ‘role models.’ From this is can be assumed that the Ancestors, and thus, Summoner, have very strong significant personalities that match their role as well as show similarities and differences between them and their token troll.

The Summoner is the ancestor of Tavros Nitram, as stated before. Tavros Nitram, while known to be a sensitive, naïve, and innocent troll, has very significant strengths shown throughout canon. First, he has the powerful, rare ability to commune with animals, and second, while having a difficult time standing up for himself, he shows true drive when it comes to defending his friends and those close to him; Tavros lacks any real self-confidence but does have strong loyalty to his friends. Lysunder is so different yet the same. While he too can be sensitive, Summoner isn't weak about it, and he keeps what affects him better hidden. While naïve, he only naïve to what he himself views as unnecessary. Relationships, romance? Unnecessary, all he needs to concern himself with is his war. Innocent? Only in his goals, to help others, but he's killed and fought enough to strip himself of that word for the most part. Still, he and Tavros are similar in how they fight for others, care for them, but Summoner has found a means to do it, has cemented himself in it an matured that mindset, while Tavros is still struggling to find a rhythm.

In Mindfang’s journals she describes that in the future, when Summoner is to be born, along with the fact that he is to become her matesprit as well as her executioner; he is also to become a part of the Cavalreapers, a respected part of the Alternian military. The Summoner is said to have risen through the ranks quickly, eventually gaining their undying loyalty and lead them into a second rebellion similar to the one once led by The Sufferer/Signless. The Summoner, with his strong ability to commune with animals [Like Tavros], also developed a rare mutation that allowed him to grow wings, both of these helping to prompt his followers’ loyalty even further. The knowledge of how he managed to gain an army strong enough and loyal enough to assist him in such rebellion against the highbloods of Alternia, supports the idea that Summoner is extremely loyal himself. That, as well as charismatic enough to lead legions of close followers and keep them throughout the rebellion and even win the heart of someone aware of their fate by his hand [Mindfang].

Summoner’s self-confidence is not all it might seem. He is lighthearted, cocky, well spoken, and has a healthy sense of humor, but understanding and considerate when it comes to serious situations; all things that assist him with gaining trust and help him to be memorable to any he comes across. But his will power and confidence really lies with the men and women in his army as well as within those he holds close. From this, he is extremely empathetic to those around him and strives to do his best at pleasing and brightening the hearts and minds of anyone he encounters that he deems fit. Those he sees who do not deserve it rightly earn their place. These include several of the ancestors already; Condesce, The Grand Highblood, Darkleer, and in part, Mindfang. Due to Lysunder being born at a later time compared to many of the other ancestors, he only knows the few highbloods that are still alive in his time, some of which he has not actually met.

Condesce, The Empress herself, tyrannical leader, controlling a majority of the Alternian population with the fear of death by either her lusus or her highblood followers, those including trolls like The Grand Highblood and Darkleer, is on Lysunder’s black list. By no means does this mean black as in the hate based romance quadrant. By ordering the deaths of countless lowbloods with barely a scrap of sympathy, she has earned Summoner’s eternal hatred. Summoner’s opinion of the Grand Highblood is similar to this. Though unlike the Condesce, who he has yet to ever meet personally, it can be assumed that The Grand Highblood and he have met on many occasions due to The Grand Highblood’s existence in his time and his role as the leader of the Subjugglators. Through his rebellion, Summoner and his men have had to battle against many highbloods, a good many of them being from the Subjugglator’s ranks, perhaps even the leader himself, Grand Highblood; the subjugglators who kill without a shred of mercy or compassion for any troll. The way these subjugglator’s destroy lives with barely a flinch in response, does nothing for Lysunder’s composure.

Summoner’s relationship with Darkleer is a bit more complex. Though he lives during a time Darkleer himself lives, Summoner has never met him, and most likely due to how busy his life is, will never meet him. He really has no desire to either, knowing Darkleer was the executioner of the legendary Signless, he who began the first rebellion for equality on Alternia. Summoner recognizes Darkleer’s mercy towards Disciple, so his feelings are mixed. He feels Darkleer deserves the banishment he is apparently undergoing, feeling no remorse for him and believing he deserves to live the rest of his sweeps reflecting his wrongdoing. Summoner can’t bring himself to hate such a depressing pathetic individual and therefor barely spends any time worrying about Darkleer’s existence.

Sufferer, Dolorosa, Disciple, and Psiioniic are all like biblical legends to him; though he lives their legacy he does not know much but continues to strive for the world they looked to see for themselves. Redglare he only knows by her status as a Legislacerator, while The Handmaid and Dualscar he knows nothing of at all. If anything, The Summoner might know of the title, “The Orphaner,” which is held by Dualscar, but that would be his extent of his knowledge for said troll.

Mindfang, who will end up becoming his matesprit, is someone he still knows little about at the time I am bringing Summoner into game. He knows of her and her adventures over the seas, as well as about her tendency to play red rom games with lowbloods. To him their meeting was coincidental and he has yet to know of her magical sphere that reveals the future to her. Summoner is conflicted about her due to a rumor of her having a lower blood caste slave at some point, as well as is weary about her tendency to be rather ruthless [Her being a pirate probably played into that].

The hemospectrum’s only hold on Summoner is that will forever be weary of any highblood troll, but he is always open to learn more about anyone he meets, feeling that the majority of people are redeemable. Lysunder is a tactical genius thanks to his experience with the war and he is perfectly fine with flaunting it clever mind but is just as fine with teaching anyone who wishes to be taught, reflecting his deep desire to teach as his hero did, Signless.
Items on your character at canon point: A lot, though since you guys are used to Homestuck applicants, I imagine you're familiar with sylladexes. By this time in his life, and due to how much the Summoner travels and camps out, he has a rather large captchalogue deck. And he usually stores things in large groups in each card, where only some items are stored alone. I will list everything in groups as they are stored in this deck though in no actual order pertaining to how his sylladex or fetch modii works. But he's really damn organized despite having so much. It's a Nitram thing.

[ ] - Camping gear (flint, pots, tents, stakes, rope, axe, anything you might need for camping out)
[ ] - Preserved food (jerky, powdered roots, spices, dried foods, anything that has a longer shelf life then newly gained food like meat or recently picked fruit)
[ ] - Produce (new vegetables, fruits, plants, things unprepared)
[ ] - Meat (unprepared raw meats, he doesn't have much though, he doesn't eat it, but will use the meat from things he has to kill to cook later for others)
[ ] - His General of Cavalreapers uniform (the one he only wears to piss off highbloods now because he doesn't listen to them anymore but still has his uniform they gave him)
[ ] - Wing Care Kit (An assortment of glues, pastes, soap, pins, needles, thread, paper, and ground stones and vegetables. Since he has insect wings, they only shed every so often and don't actually heal, so he has had time to figure out ways to do patch jobs on holes in them. This is where what he needs to patch them is stored.)
[ ] - Main lancekind (his main weapon for fighting, a mid length lance)
[ ] - Long lancekind
[ ] - Pile of short lancekinds
[ ] - Hunting gear (skinning knife, fishing pole, bow and arrow, arrows, tarps, anything for hunting)
[ ] - Short sword
[ ] - Winter clothes (all modified to fit someone like him with wings/horns of his size, he has to adjust anything he gets to wear because he's the only one with wings on his planet.)
[ ] - Clothes (Also all adjusted to fit him, he does it himself so it's not the best work, but it works.)
[ ] - Sewing supplies
[ ] - Corpses (Of animals mostly, some trolls, this is where he loads anything he kills and doesn't want to just leave it. Sometimes he leaves it, but most animals he kills he shoves in here to skin and prep for later)
[ ] - Shoes (like, three pairs, who needs a lotta shoes. But he's got something for rain/wet weather, cold, and another pair of light shoes)
[ ] - Accessories (Extra earrings, hair dye, bleach)
[ ] - Med Kit (bandages, swabs, cleansing materials, med kit stuff. LOTS of bandages though since he wears them constantly over his arms)
[ ] - Toiletries
[ ] - Underwear (For the record, this is just a card in his sylladex full of other people's underwear he's slept with. It's- a bro thing. You'll understand if you ever go to college.)
[ ] - Borrowed items (So far all that's in here is a compass, a cerulean dagger he got from some mysterious hooded individual, a map tube, a royal blue arrow, and a small collections of kids comics and books he's borrowed and keeps meaning to give back, whoops. But he keeps rereading them.)
[ ] - Any and all information he's collected about The Signless and the first rebellion (not a lot, just various sketches and notes about the stories. Any likenesses he finds printed anywhere are torn and put there. It's like a big scrapbook/box dedicated to them. It's kinda embarrassing, he's a huge nerd.)
[ ] - Books (mostly things about history and tactical charts and notes. A bit war obsessed and he likes to take notes a lot of the time)
[ ] - Alternian maps
[ ] - Notes about people he's met, animals he's met (keeps a full list of everyone he's spoken to, animals are included and spoken about as if they were people. To him they- kinda were since he can talk to them like anyone else. Summoner likes notes.)
[ ] - Trophies (This includes horn segments of defeated trolls. Fangs, weapons, anything he could've taken off them after killing them. He's a trophy sorta guy, if you couldn't tell from the card full of other people's underwear.)
[ ] - Binoculars
[ ] - Rebellion Flag
[ ] - Booze (Well, the troll equivalent anyway.)

I realize most will be taken away anyway but I kinda wanted to list it all for myself too, haha. he carries a lot, as said, not having a hive to live in kinda does that.

Abilities: Wing driven flight, the ability to commune with animals (detect them, control them, speak to them), this includes beasts and monsters as well, anything not person like. It's not very well explained in canon unfortunately, but the ability to control other trolls is a separate power entirely. I will be playing it mostly as anyone with a troll like-human like form and sentience. Though he still can use it on beasts with high sentience, since he uses it on a dragon in canon.

Summoner is also extremely skilled at fighting, having gotten to General rank in the Cavelreapers. This means he'd be best skilled with various lancekind/lance or pole weapons, but can manage use of a sword as well. He is also adept at mounted fighting. Horseback, bearback, elephantback whatever, he's ridden a lot of animals and killed a lot of people while doing it. His fighting extends to use of his horns as well, which he has used to impale others. Most of his fighting is about speak though. While he hits hard, he hard to rely more on his dexterity, flexibility, and agility.

Due to his experience with leadership and war, he is also a very skilled tactician and is used to not only ordering soldiers around him, but controlling an entire army of beasts to fight for him as well. This takes an extreme amount of concentration he manages with ease.

He can also cook pretty well, knows how to hunt, camp, sew, play a small variety of instruments at an amateur level, story tell, and is damn good in the recuperacoon- not that he uses one much. Cots and "bed like" sleeping mats are what he's used to due to moving and his horns being ridiculous.
Strengths and Weaknesses: Strengths include his ability to stay true to a goal he has, when he wants to do something, he does it, and will not just drag people with him but will convince them. Charismatic and charming, though he can be childish and overly cocky. He has a really strong sense of self confidence as well, but it's harmed when he's not surrounded by people who follow and support him. He'll fight to the death for others, but get him alone or away from people to work for and fight for and he feels lost and listless. Has a hard time keeping his head when he's stripped of his followers.

Quick to anger and easy to spook at times, very emotional but unlike highbloods, lowbloods tend to balance out easier. He'll get fired up or freaked out but he usually calms quickly and can be talked down or out of anger should someone help him out.

As said, he has issues with confidence. He can get really down on himself when he's not actually doing anything or helping anyone. So his own self preservation is pretty bad. Like all Nitrams, he gets into shit more than he needs to, and has a bad sense of what would be best for HIMSELF, while his sense of what's good for others is pretty spot on. Fortunately it's only gotten him slightly mangled so far- which is why he covers his arms in bandages. But a desire to help can be a bad thing if you lack good self preservation instincts.

His pride for what he does can also be good or bad. While he is fighting to help everyone on his planet, he's become a little class-ist, and will show prejudice for highblood trolls. He's also a little quick to judge depending on someone's title. If you say you are part of a government system his mind will immediately start siding against you. But in cases like that it's less fierce, with highbloods though- it tends to be do or die. His mind will only be swayed by words from those other than the highbloods in question. Again, the support of others is what helps sway him.

His uh- hit box can be a weakness as well. And by that I mean how massive his horns are as well as his wings when they're opened up for flight. Horns like that can catch on things and hit into things and also make it impossible to get into some places. So while they can work as great weapons, and tend to be a boost of ego to a troll when they're that big- they're not really the best for closed spaces.

Summoner's dedication and commitment to helping others should mostly be considered a strength though it can be shown to be a weakness as said earlier. Without people to support him or people for him to support, he's lost. He also has a really unhealthy dedication to his rebellion. This commitment to his rebellion is why he has a hard time with relationships with others. Friendship, easy, brotherhood, sticking by people as fellow soldiers and fighters? No problem- but once anything gets romantic he falls short. He has no experience with it, it makes him nervous, and will cause him to stray away from people should they show interest. This makes forming attachments romantically hard and also makes it difficult for him to go to others for help. Also leads to a lot of flings and pissing people off because he's gone when they wake up, whoops.

Since with trolls you usually have a moirail to speak to and help you through problems, Summoner will avoid anyone that feels like they are playing that role, and will thus stay to himself and rot in his own issues, wanting to fix them alone. This usually leads to drinking, and eventually just overlooking the problem. Though if the problem concerns another person he can help or something, easy. His problems though? No such luck, and good luck trying to pap him into tranquility.

Clever and energetic, Summoner does well to use his flight and speed to excel in combat. Dexterous, flexible, understanding of many sorts of weapons and fighting styles, he's pretty ace when it comes to close combat and for long range? Well, speed and wings make it easy to turn it to close up and personal. Though the wings are a problem as well.

Due to growing the wings, and not being granted them (like god tiers), he also went through other bodily changes. Keep in mind, like a lot of his application, this is headcanon, but I formed it to make sense of the random genetic anomalies Hussie throws at us. Wings caused his body to lighten, in order to carry him properly, they not only had to be large enough, but also his skeleton had to reconstruct a little. His wings aren't nearly large enough to carry someone of his size, horns included, which means his body had to alter to shed off the weight. How it did this was creating spongy bone, very similar to a bird. His bones are a lot lighter, flexible, and he can fly with ease- though, they also are much easier to break. Bend his arm back and it won't break for a while, but smash it with something and it'll splinter more than a usual bone will and with less force to the impact. Sure you're a lot lighter but- also bones breaking more sucks. Fortunately he heals bones a lot faster because of it, but does have to tend to it a bit more to assure it heals right.

As for his horns well- they stayed heavy. But since his skeleton lightened gradually, and his horns grew slowly, his neck muscles and upper body muscles toned up really well to support the horn weight as well as to fly.

His wings being insect like also leads to them not hurting him much should they be cracked or shot through. While it will hinder his flight, he doesn't suffer a lot of pain should they get damaged (unless they're tugged from his back for example). Though this is because there is a lack of blood flow to them, and that means- they don't heal. No pain but- should they be damaged, that's the end of that. Though Summoner has gotten used to this and has found a lot of ways to mend them, makeshift of course, but it does the job until he finally goes through a shed.

Shedding is how I'm dealing with the fact that they're butterfly wings essentially and yet he keeps them for so long. His genetics are strange to begin with, but the fact that he lives as long as he does and still manages to have insect like wings means they have to renew themselves somehow. Shedding and regrowth is how that occurs. While it regrows and strengthens his wings, it leaves him flightless for a while. Summoner molts twice a year, and thus four times a sweep. During it his wings slowly start to come apart and shed from his body. The process is really embarrassing for him, and tends to make him close himself off and wait till it's over. During this his wings are useless and he's stuck feet planted, which isn't the best for him considering he's gotten really used to being airborne. Shedding lasts for about one to two weeks, and regrowth leaves him very exhausted and in pain while they spread from his back again.

Communing with animals has also given him a good sense of empathy, especially for animals, yet he tends to be more comfortable speaking to beasts and animals then he is with people. Though that isn't to say he isn't charming as heck- he can just be more honest and down to earth with animals. Feels less of a desire to impress them. His reliance on communing also makes it difficult for him to deal with no communes actively going. Summoner usually will have his mind attached to something, and many somethings. It is common for him to be communing with many animals consonantly, even while actively doing other things. This allows him to see greater distances than he can normally with his own eyes, but also creates a sort of dependence issue. If forced not to commune, he gets incredibly nervous and shaken, finding how 'quiet' it is to be difficult to handle. And sometimes he'll have so many communes up and going that it's a little difficult to grab his attention.
Network/Action Spam Sample: I gather the test drive meme you guys put up'll do for this? bam.
Prose Log Sample:

"Ah haaa- shit-" Clicks at his teeth, tongue flicking behind a fang. Sure, this was how it was going to be. He's sure he just saw him- her- who ever the hell they were but- they're gone now, and he can't thank them, can't return what they gave him back. And still, how'd they know?

Summoner looks down to his feet, purple blood, seadweller blood pooled on the ground nearby. He can smell it, that slightly fishy odor from something that's lived in the waves, eaten of it's populous. Smells it and makes him kind of sick. Though his eyes don't completely over look the dead troll. Dual horns that wave backwards, dipping down past the seadweller's shoulder, forking out at the ends. The fucker had quite a mouth of teeth too, for some reason he images a deep sea fishbeast, something with a beartrap for a mouth. Ah- well it doesn't really matter now. Fucker almost- had him. Pounced him, and his mind was so broken up with how many communes he had going he hadn't even noticed him tailing him.

"Shoulda smelled you a mile away- fuck- what's wrong with me." Maybe it was everything with this rebellion getting to his head? Is he getting too cocky? -- Nah. Still- one of his followers saved him. Maybe that's why he's not too cocky, can still is humbled by the will of his kin. A smile slides over his face as he moved to rub at the scruff on his chin, lifting his other hand. Lifting the- dagger he's holding. Still- it- was it a follower? The dagger that shot out of no where, from the darkness of the trees near this seaside alcove, the dagger was cerulean. What haughty lowblood was using a cerulean blade?

"Hohooo- a guardian angel? Don't you want your knife back, but ah- an angel? Means you'll probably wanna kill me too, huh?" Said as he looks up and to the direction the knife had come. He lifts it, waggling it from side to side. Ah- he communes with a few featherbeasts nearby but- who ever it was is gone now... Hm. A frown, though- he wanted to at least thank them. They some how- were here just as he was pounced, as if they were following him too, as if they knew he'd be right here, knew he'd be in trouble. Kind of- weird, unnerving even, but he wishes he could at least thank them.

A sigh and the dagger is glanced at once more before it disappears into his sylladex. His Leadership Test Fetch Modus declares the blade to have a necessity rating with a low count, so it will probably be easy to retrieve again later. Which is good- because he wants to give it back and personally thank them. "Ah--" Moves to push at the dead seadweller with a foot.

"Guess I'll at least return ya." Said with a smirk, and he'll move to drag the body to water and toss it in. Eat up, fishies.
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"Heeeey, Lysunder's voicemail here, and if you weren't looking for me, well then lucky you, leave a message anyway and maybe it will be the start of something revolutionary. Beep."

For the record, that first beep was him just saying beep. The real beep is in a few seconds.

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[So, he's already decided/has to live outside. And Summoner's spent pretty much all his time here so far, day and night, scouting the entire woods area and mapping it out. He's also manage to write up his own notes on the fauna and flora. Good. He's making progress! It's best to just keep his mind busy. If he doesn't...]

[Anyway. All right, notes prepared, things done, but the real problem lies in not the great outdoors, but in... the fact that he can't really be anywhere besides here. And he kind of needs supplies. Also, he had some other questions he needs answered.]



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Summoner has several abilities, but one that could cause some problems in game, is his very strong ability to commune with animals and other various creatures. Though, I play Summoner where he normally does not abuse this ability. If he is able to calm an animal and teach it without his powers of communion, he will, only using the commune ability to speak to the animal without controlling it.

Is your character an animal/creature?

Do they own an animal/creature he could commune with?

Is it all right if he communes with your character or character's pet?

If so, is it all right for him to control said character or pet, or only if he uses his commune ability to speak mentally to said character or pet?

It'd be great if you could reply here with if this is all right or not, as well as ask any questions here about The Summoner's abilities.

Thank you.


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Let me know if anything feels off and how you think I can amend it. Positive comments about what I have been doing well and what you would like to see more of are also helpful.


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